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Minrray KBD2000 keyboard/joystick unit

Minrray KBD2000 is a keyboard/joystick unit for controlling a PTZ camera. KBD2000 is a network-based (IP-based) PTZ camera controller that is fully compatible with many PTZ camera coding protocols from major manufacturers in the market and supports ONVIF, VISCA, Serial Port VISCA, PELCO-D/P protocols and others. This handy camera controller has a high-quality joystick that enables variable speed control, fast camera switching and quick adjustment of camera parameters. The industrial-grade blue screen LCD module provides excellent display quality with fine and clear characters.

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Black Minrray keyboard/joystick for controlling the PTZ camera.

Key features:

The Ethernet port supports POE and enables simpler and more convenient cabling of power supply and control via a single network cable.

  • Support for ONVIF, VISCA, serial VISCA interface, PELCO-D/P protocols, etc.
  • RJ45, RS422 and RS232 control interfaces; control up to 255 cameras.
  • Unique control code learning function allows customers to customize control instructions.
  • Each device on the RS485 bus can be individually configured with different protocols.
  • Unique control code learning function allows customers to customize control instructions. Camera parameters can be set by simple button operation.
  • The robust metal housing and silicone button design complete the overall picture.
  • LCD display, keypad sound prompt, decoder with real-time display and working status matrix.
  • The 4D joystick enables variable speed control of the cameras.
  • Maximum communication distance: 1200 m (0.5 mm twisted pair cable).

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