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LED Wall Rental

The LEDitgo sB3 LED Indoor Videowall is equipped with powerful SMD Blackface. Tuned for TV studio operation as well as for demanding trade show applications or fixed installations. The signal processing allows a very accurate and detailed display of information with high resolution, complex graphics and fast moving and fast moving video scenes.
Application areas for the LEDitgo sB3 LED video wall: TV productions and event shows, trade shows, exhibitions and product launches, fashion shows, congresses/meetings, infotainment in shopping malls airports, train stations, museums, foyers and much more.

LED Wall Rental. Professional Visual Solutions and AV solutions for media productions.

Key features:

    • Module size: 480 mm x 480 mm.
    • Pixel pitch: 3.75 mm real.
    • Brightness: 1.500 nit
    • Pixel configuration: 128 pixels x 128 pixels.
    • SMDiTechnology: Blackface SMD.
    • Resolution: 71109 pixels per m².
    • LED-SMD-Configuration: 1RGB
    • Viewing angle: 170° Hor. / 170° Vert.
    • Power consumption: 60 VA/160 VA maximum.
    • Signal connection: 2 x Neutrik RJ 45 CAT5e.
    • Weight: 8,3 kg

LEDitgo sB3 - indoor video wall - dimensional drawing.
LEDitgo sB3 - indoor video wall - dimensional drawing.

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