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CyberPower UPS PR-XL

CyberPower PR-XL offers first-class protection for the power supply of IT devices such as computers, workstations, servers, NAS/storage devices, network devices or telecommunication devices as well as for home cinema systems, multimedia devices and video surveillance systems. The UPS can be installed as a rackmount or in a tower design. It utilises the line-interactive topology with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and provides a stable sine wave output supply in both mains and battery mode to guarantee first-class power supply quality.

The output power factor of the UPS is 1, so that a larger number of devices/loads can be connected to the UPS than to a UPS with a lower power factor. It features advanced battery management that optimises battery life by balancing battery voltages, as well as two-phase charging technology that enables fast and safe battery charging. The hot-swappable battery packs enable easy maintenance without interrupting operation. Operation is simple and the configuration of the UPS options is intuitive via the adjustable, multifunctional matrix LCD.


Event Rental Services. Professional sound & lighting and AV solutions for media productions.

Key features:

  • Line-interactive UPS topology
  • Active PFC compatible
  • Tool-free battery replacement
  • High output power factor
  • Overload protection
  • Fast charging technology
  • External battery extension (EBM)
  • EMI and RFI filter
  • USB communication port
  • Emergency power off (EPO) connection
  • SNMP / HTTP remote management capability (optional)

  • Energy-saving technology
  • Supply with pure sine wave
  • Battery management technology
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
  • Critical / non-critical outputs
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • Overvoltage and lightning protection
  • LCD status display
  • Serial communication port
  • PowerPanel management software
  • Rack / Tower configuration

UPS system from CyberPower in black metal case. Set upright and rear visible.
UPS system from CyberPower.

Categories: IT and periphery,Electricity
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