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Neutrik NA2-IO-DLINE

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Neutrik NA2-IO-DLINE

Connecting analog audio equipment to the Dante® world: The NA2-IO-DLINE interface is an "end-of-network" device and a breakout box that can be used to feed two audio channels into a Dante network. At the same time, the interface converts Dante® signals into analog audio signals. This handy device can therefore be used to feed analog audio signals into a Dante® network and simultaneously receive analog audio signals from a Dante® source.

The DanteTM adapter is a network end device that is also capable of converting a DanteTM signal into an analog audio signal. The "Mixed Mode" allows analog audio signals to be fed into the DanteTM network and a signal from another DanteTM source to be converted into an analog audio signal at the same time. The DanteTM adapter is ideally suited to the harsh conditions on stage, which is why it has lockable connections for audio and network connections.

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