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Sennheiser ADN CU1 discussion central unit

The ADN CU1 digital central discussion unit from Sennheiser controls and supplies 30-40 delegate and president microphone units. It offers user-friendly access to important parameters in seven different languages via a graphic display with intuitive menu control.

Alternatively, the system can also be operated via the integrated 'Conference Manager' software controller, to which a screen, mouse and keyboard can be connected directly. The intuitive operating concept of the software enables smooth monitoring and control of the conference. Thanks to the particularly quiet fan, the central unit can be used directly in the conference room.

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Front and rear of the ADN CU1 digital discussion unit from Sennheiser.

Key features:

  • Supplies up to 40 and controls up to 400 intercom stations.
  • Fully integrated PC with pre-installed operating software.
  • Graphical operating menu in 13 languages.
  • Open media control protocol via Ethernet (compatible with Crestron and other manufacturers).
  • Electro-balanced XLR input and output (with XLR mix-minus function for external participants).
  • Permanent monitoring and diagnosis of errors;
    Quiet fan for use in conference rooms.

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