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SmallRig articulated arm (5.5 inch)

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SmallRig magic arm (5.5 inch)

The SmallRig articulated arm (5.5 inch) 2065 allows a monitor to be attached at one end using a 1/4-inch screw and accessories with 1/4-inch 20 threaded holes at the other end.


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SMALLRIG Magic Arm attached to the field monitor.
SMALLRIG Magic Arm 5 inch for monitor EVF video camera.

Key features:

For the monitor:
The SmallRig Magic Arm 2065 is an articulated arm for mounting a monitor. It can attach the monitor using a 1/4-inch screw at one end and attach accessories with 1/4-inch 20 threaded holes at the other end. Please note that the maximum load capacity is 1.5 kg.

1/4 screw:
The Magic Arm features two 1/4 screws to make holding a camera monitor easier, saving operation time. The Magic Arm includes a rubber pad on the top to securely mount the monitor and prevent scratches. It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and stainless steel and weighs only 168 g.

Category: Camera technique
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