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The projection screen without border

Have you ever thought of an invisible screen? One without a border and noticeable depth? Thanks to Fullwhite, your pictures, presentations or films float in space! This product is used by leading media designers and architects, is made to measure and impresses with maximum frame stability and precision. span.

The minimalist Fullwhite design is very popular for "flying" projection applications, but also offers a variety of mounting options. In addition, several Fullwhite screens can be linked together to create entire walls or three-dimensional structures.

Fullwhite can be individually adapted or resized by adding or removing profile sections. This principle has been used successfully for decades with Vario projection screens. The central element of the Fullwhite is its specially shaped frame profile, which is slanted backwards by 45 degrees. This means that the Fullwhite remains invisible as a frame even when the projection screen is viewed from the side.

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A white projection screen without a border.
Projection screen from Stumpfl - Fullwhite design.

Category: Video Services
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