Varyscan P7 - LED CMY SPOT

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Varyscan P7 - LED CMY SPOT

LED - these three letters have not only revolutionized lighting technology. They are also the light source of the new P7 moving light spot from JB-Lighting. Thanks to the extremely low LED power consumption of just 270W, the P7 achieves a brightness comparable to a 700W discharge lamp. The outstanding optical properties and high-tech cooling of the moving light make this enormous light output possible.

The P7 offers numerous functions of the highest quality. These include an impressive optical zoom system with a range of 8-48°, CMY color mixing and a user-friendly full range of effects. Compared to a conventional 250W spotlight, the P7 is more compact: two spotlights in a flight case have a packing size of just 60 x 60 x 80 cm. It has an attractive design and brings a revolution in handling comparable to the LED washlights from JB-Lighting.

Side front view of the Varyscan P7 - LED CMY SPOT with stand and front display.

Optics and light source

  • 270W white light LED module

  • Zoom range: 8°-48°, 1:6


  • 1 gobo wheel with 9 static interchangeable gobos + open

  • Gobo wheel rotation with variable speed

  • 1 gobo wheel with 6 rotatable, positionable and interchangeable gobos + open

  • CMY color mixing unit for fast and uniform color mixing

  • 1 color wheel with 8 full or half colors + open, linear color selection

  • Rainbow effect with different speeds

  • Artificial light filter

  • Motorized stepless high-speed iris

  • 3-fold prism, rotatable and indexable
    Stepless frost effect 5°, interchangeable
    (optional 10°, 20°) with
    pre-programmed functions

  • Dimmer 0%-100%

  • Shutter up to 20Hz with pre-programmed pulse and ramp functions

  • Sparkle effect

  • Zoom 8°-48°

Drive system

  • High-resolution, powerful 3-phase stepper motors

  • Precise and extremely fast movements

  • 433° pan / 280° tilt

    Control and programming

  • Protocol: USITT DMX-512

  • JB-Lighting Wireless DMX as standard

  • Stand-alone mode with 20 steps

  • Master/slave function

  • Error analysis and DMX analysis

    Mechanical construction

  • Original JB-Lighting slide-in technology

  • Robust, roadworthy construction

  • Transport lock

  • Fan control for noise-optimized operation

  • Graphic display, electronically rotatable

  • Neutrik 3-pin and 5-pin XLR in/out

  • Neutrik PowerCon in/out

Varyscan P7 - LED CMY SPOT in color use on stage.

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