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Minilyzer ML1 - Simple. Efficient. Fast.

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Minilyzer ML1 - Simple. Efficient. Fast.

The Minilyzer is a powerful and handy audio measuring device that can reliably measure sound levels. With its range of functions, it significantly simplifies the commissioning and maintenance of audio systems. The ML1 has user-friendly menus, an automatic range setting and shows meaningful measurement results on a display.

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Measuring functions


Input level (effective value) in volts, dBu or dBV, as well as signal frequency. Relative measurements to freely selectable references. With a measuring microphone, the ML1 also becomes a high-quality sound level meter (SPL/LEQ).


Measurement of THD+N (THD with noise) and the second to fifth harmonic distortion as a dB value or in %. Display of fundamental frequency, input level and signal symmetry. Extensive filters.

Frequency response

The Minilyzer automatically recognizes the start of a sweep sequence with any step size and saves the measured frequency response. Graphical display with numerical cursor and zoom functions.


Incorrectly connected loudspeakers are reliably detected with the ML1 and the
built-in microphone. The same measurement via the XLR input is ideal for cable polarity tests.

Time sweep

The time sweep records the course of the RMS level, the frequency and the THD+N value simultaneously and is very well suited for observing longer test periods as well as for detecting rarely occurring faults.



The scope provides a quick overview of the waveform and immediately identifies overdriven amplifiers, noisy signals, etc. With automatic scaling and triggering as well as frequency display.

1/3rd Octave

FFT based 1/3rd octave real-time analyzer. Automatic display of the most energetic band helps to eliminate feedback. Adjustable display time constant, zoom and data cursor. Electrical (dBu) and acoustic measurements (SPL scale) are supported.


Precise level measurement for optimum electrical leveling according to IEC60268 (ppm = Peak Program Meter). All common standards are supported (Type I, Type IIA, Nordic); adjustable reference levels.

Induction loop measurement AFILS

The Minilyzer together with the optional MiniLINK USB interface measures induction loops AFILS according to standard IEC60118. A complete measurement menu can be activated in the Minilyzer according to the requirements of the standard, including calibration for a customer-specific field strength sensor.

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