AKG D112 MKII bass drum microphone

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AKG D112 MKII bass drum microphone

The D112 MkII is a professional, dynamic bass drum microphone with a new, integrated flexible mount that retains the sound quality that made its predecessor the industry standard. Over the years, the D112 has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best bass drum microphones thanks to its high SPL, powerful EQs and rugged construction.

The D112 MkII can transmit sound pressure levels of over 160 dB without distortion. The large cone has a very low resonant frequency, which ensures a solid and powerful frequency response below 100 Hz. Its sonorous bass is complemented by a narrow-band 4 kHz presence boost that powerfully penetrates even the richest mixes and volumes on loud stages. You don't need any additional EQ to find the right sound as soon as you move the knob. That's just one of the many reasons why artists and sound engineers love the D112 MkII. The D112 MkII has an integrated hum compensation coil that reduces hum to an absolute minimum.

The D112 MkII is not only an excellent stage microphone for bass drums, but also an excellent choice for miking electric basses and trombones.

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D112 MkII bass drum microphone with ellipsoidal head and turquoise-colored protective ring.

Key features:

  • Frequency response 20-17,000 Hz

  • Sensitivity 1.8 mV/Pa

  • Electrical impedance 210 Ohm

  • Recommended load impedance 2,000 Ohm

  • Cardioid polar pattern


  • Length 115 mm

  • Height 126 mm

  • Diameter 70 mm

Net weight microphone only 300 g

---- Audio outputs
-Type Balanced XLR
-Gender Male
-Content 3 pin
---- Application
-Pro Studio Yes
-Project Studio Yes
-Live Instrument Yes
-Drums/Percussion Yes
-Guitar amp/bass amp Yes

Category: Sound System Rentals
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