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Shure BETA-91A Condenser Boundary Microphone

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Shure BETA-91A Condenser Boundary Microphone

The Beta 91A condenser boundary microphone is very lightweight, unobtrusive and space-saving due to its special design. It is a semi-cardioid condenser boundary microphone designed for miking low-frequency instruments. It provides a powerful sound with plenty of punch. A durable housing and wire mesh effectively protect the capsule and the entire electronics housing from possible damage.


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Key features:

  • Switchable frequency response for bass drum or piano/voice applications.
  • Characteristic: half cardioid
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 146 Ohm
  • 11-52 V phantom
  • Sound pressure: 155 dB SPL max (at 2500 Ohm load)
  • Sensitivity: -48.5 dBV/Pa
  • Output: XLR male
  • Weight: 470 g

Shure BETA-91A Condenser Boundary Microphone - 2 views.
Shure BETA-91A Kondensator Grenzflächen Mikrofon - 2 Views.

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