Allen & Heath AR2412 / Audio Rack

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Allen & Heath AR2412 / Audio Rack

The Allen & Heath AR2412 audio rack is a digital stage box that could be used to supplement and upgrade Allen & Heath digital mixing consoles with 24 remotely controllable microphone preamps and twelve line outputs (all designed as XLR jacks). The mixing console is connected to the AR2412 via standard Cat5 network cables, and two additional network ports are also provided: An expander output for the use of another audio rack and a monitor output for the Allen & Heath monitoring system "ME".


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Key features:

  • Also for Allen&Heath QU consoles.
  • 24 XLR microphone / line inputs.
  • 12 XLR line outputs.
  • Cat 5 input outputs.
  • Aviom monitor output.
  • Format: 19" / 3 U.
  • Dimensions: 483 x 220 x 137 mm
  • Weight: 5 kg

Allen & Heath AR2412 Audio-Rack - Gallery.
Allen & Heath AR2412 Audio-Rack - Gallery.

Category: Sound System Rentals
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