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Dwarf DC Link LR1 radio link

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Dwarf DC Link LR1 radio link

The Dwarf DC Link LR1 radio link is a high-performance WHDI video radio system that can transmit uncompressed and delay-free (1 ms delay) video and audio signals up to 700 m. In order to improve the transmission range, connection stability and user-friendliness, this video radio system deliberately dispenses with the Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) system prescribed for outdoor use and is therefore only approved for indoor use.

The transmitter and receiver are each equipped with a slot for 3G HD SDI and HDMI (Plug & Play). As soon as a video source is connected, the transmitter automatically selects the input (SDI has priority). The receiver offers both 3G SDI and HDMI outputs simultaneously.

The LR1 transmitter is equipped with a V-mount, while the receiver has an NP-F mount. Up to four receivers can be operated per transmitter.

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The Dwarf DC Link LR1 radio link is a high-performance WHDI video radio system.
Dwarf DC Link LR1 radio link.



Key features:

  • Latency-free transmission (<1ms)
  • Uncompressed transmission in 4:2:2 10-bit up to 1080p60 (3G-SDI & -HDMI)
  • Very long range up to over 700m with line of sight and optimum conditions
  • Optional possibility of a directional antenna on the receiver.
  • Built-in cross converter (HDMI to SDI, SDI to HDMI)
  • Manual frequency selection - no pairing necessary
  • More stable connection thanks to preset channels and no need for DFS
  • Approved for indoor operation.
  • Fast connection setup
  • Operates in the license-free 5Ghz ISM band

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