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Genie GR-20 Mast / Vertical Stage

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Genie GR-20 Mast / Vertical Stage

The Genie GR-20 electric mast platform can achieve a working height of 7.85 meters. The Genie® Runabout® GR™-20 is a compact, lightweight vertical mast.
The load capacity of the platform is 159 kg. Thanks to the platform extension, the work platform can be extended to 1.40 m, providing more working space at height. Due to the compactness of the platform, it can be pushed through doors and into an elevator.
The Genie GR-20 is ideal for job sites where space for maneuvering is limited.
The non-marking tires also ensure that no black streaks are left on the floor.


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Key features:

  • 30% gradeability.
  • Zero inner turning radius.
  • Platform capacity: 150 kg.
  • Length: 1.35 m
  • Wide: 0,80 m
  • Height: 1.98 m
  • Platform length: 0,89 m
  • Platform width: 0,75 m
  • Platform length (pushed up): 1,40 m
  • Weight: 1.112 kg

Genie GR-20 mast/vertical stage in action with assembly worker.
Genie GR-20 mast/vertical stage in action with assembly worker.

Category: Rigging
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