K2 L'Acoustics - System Speaker

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K2 L'Acoustics - System Speaker

K2 Speaker by L'Acoustics can be used as a complement to K1 or as a stand-alone system for events or installations with audiences up to 20,000 without sacrificing performance. K2 offers the same pristine, powerful sound signature as K1 - in a lighter, more compact format and with 10° angles between elements for maximum versatility.
The lightest in its class, L'Acoustics K2 Speaker can be flown under even the most rigorous rigging conditions. And with L'Acoustics Panflex exclusive adjustable horizontal directivity, K2 focuses sound reinforcement exclusively on the audience, meeting the most challenging acoustic conditions or noise loads at outdoor events.
Thanks to its integrated rigging, compatible with K1 and the entire K system, K2 is appreciated by technicians around the world for its lightning-fast set-up.

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Key features:

  • The design of the K2 system has been scaled into a compact and flexible 12" format.
  • V-DOSC SPL and bandwidth, with 10° flexibility between elements.
  • 100% acoustic and rigging compatibility with K1 and K1-SB.
  • 70°/110° symmetrical and 90° (L/R) asymmetrical horizontal dispersion.
  • LA-RAK (LA8) advanced system drive and protection Low weight for limited rigging and low cost logistics.
  • Max. Sound pressure level: 147 dB
  • Bandwidth: 35 Hz- 20 KHz.
  • Weight 56 kg / 123 lb

L-Acoustics K2 - System Speaker.
L'Acoustics K2 - System Speaker.

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