L'ACOUSTICS KIVA II - System Speaker

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L'ACOUSTICS KIVA II - System Speaker

Kiva II von L'ACOUSTICS an extremely compactly built, modular WST® line source for far-field sound reinforcement with low visual impact.
It contains two 6.5-inch loudspeakers in a bass-reflex enclosure and a 1.75-inch compression driver that feeds into a DOSC waveguide with L-blades.
L'ACOUSTICS KIVA II System boasts an excellent size/power ratio thanks to its long-throw and powerful transducers.
Moreover, the nominal impedance of 16 ohms allows the power amplifier channels to be used as effectively as possible. L'ACOUSTICS KIVA II operates in the frequency range from 70 Hz to 20 kHz.
The coplanar arrangement of the speakers and the novel K-front create a symmetrical dispersion pattern over 100 degrees horizontally with a uniform sound image without side maxima over the complete frequency range.


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Key features:

  • Max SPL: 138 dB (KIVA II)
  • Applicable bandwidth: 42 Hz- 20 KHz
    Weight: 14 kg / 31 lbs
  • Polar pattern: Hor.: 100° / Vrt.: 15°
  • Compact design with high power.
  • High amplifier density (16 ohms).
  • Smooth 100° horizontal polar response (K-grille).
  • 15° vertical flexibility between elements.


Category: Sound System Rentals
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