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Set L'Acoustics SYVA Colinear Source

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Set L'Acoustics SYVA Colinear Source

The L'Acoustics SYVA is a colinear loudspeaker capable of covering medium-sized areas up to 35 m deep with a homogeneous high-fidelity sound image.
It combines the benefits of a line array with the highest design standards in a plug-and-play system. The accompanying Syva Low-frequency cabinet contains two 12-inch K2 drivers and, with the support of a 9 dB contour filter, increases the frequency range of the entire loudspeaker system down to 40 Hz. The Syva subwoofer with its 12-inch KS28 long-throw driver extends the system bandwidth even further, into the infrasonic range at 27 Hz.

The Syva Low und Syva Sub are both tuned for bass reflex and equipped with L-Vents that reduce turbulence and airborne noise at high levels while increasing efficiency in the low frequency range. L'Acoustics' controller power amplifiers provide frequency separation, delay correction, linearizations and transducer protection using L-Drive.

  • The set components:

    • 2 SYVA
    • 2 SYVA Sub
    • 1 LA4X Amplifier with DSP.
    • 2 SYVA Sub Baseplate
    • 2 SYVA Pole Mount
    • 2 SYVA Rigging Bar

L'Acoustics SYVA Colinear. The parts and the set-up options.

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