L'ACOUSTICS LA4X - Controller power amplifier

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L'ACOUSTICS LA4X - Controller power amplifier

The L'Acoustics LA4X Controller power amplifier features four-input, four-output technology and an exclusive Eco-Design switching power supply for maximum efficiency. With the LA4X, you can enjoy all the benefits of ▸ L'ACOUSTICS speakers without sacrificing the versatility of independent control. The LA4X's four inputs and four amplifier channels can be assigned to any passive loudspeakers and controlled individually.
This is a cost-effective choice for applications that require many independent sound sources, such as stage monitoring, multi-channel systems, and distributed sound systems with multiple feeds. For events that require a large number of loudspeaker systems to reduce amplifier costs, the LA4X can effectively be used as a conventional controller power amplifier, driving multiple loudspeakers in parallel with its four channels.


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Key features:

  • Speaker amplification, 96 kHz / 32 bit DSP, Ethernet network.
  • 4 channel Class D amplification with 4 inputs (analog or AES / EBU).
  • Ecological SMPS power supply with PFC.
  • 4 x 1000 W power at 8 or 4 ohms for 200 ms.
  • EQ station with 11 EQ filters (IIR / FIR) and 1000 ms delay per output.
  • Air absorption compensation filter
  • Exclusive L-DRIVE system protection.
  • Comprehensive L-ACOUSTICS preset library.
  • Only minimum 5 s start-up time.
  • Controllable with LA NETWORK MANAGER 2. Software for remote control and monitoring.

L-ACOUSTICS LA4X - Controller power amplifier. Front and back side.
L-ACOUSTICS LA4X - Controller power amplifier. Front and back side.

With the "LA Network Manager" all system amplifiers can be set up and controlled in real time.
The planning program for simulating complete sound reinforcement systems is "Soundvision".
With it, you can map every situation of your project in advance.

Category: Sound System Rentals
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