L'Acoustics LA8 - digital power amplifier

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L'Acoustics LA8 - digital power amplifier

As the centerpiece of L-ACOUSTICS® integrated systems approach, the LA4 and LA8-amplifier controllers provide state-of-the-art loudspeaker amplification, DSP, network control, and comprehensive system protection in a single ergonomic package.
The exceptional and groundbreaking performance level of the LA4 and LA8 devices enables full resource optimization of all L'Acoustics® systems and ensures outstanding audio quality from ▸L-ACOUSTICS Speaker.


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Main features and properties of LA8 und LA4X:

  • A lightweight 2U format for high amplifier density.
  • A four-channel, high-efficiency amplifier section powered by two inputs.
  • A DSP section with advanced filter algorithms and an exclusive L-DRIVE transducer protection system for optimal system performance.
  • An integrated preset library covering all major L'Acoustics® loudspeaker system configurations.
  • An intuitive and ergonomic user interface, fully accessible from the front panel for standalone operation.
  • Two I/O Ethernet ports for networking up to 253 LA4 and LA8 units, remotely monitored by LA NETWORK MANAGER software.

Specific features of LA8 and LA4X:

  • The LA8 delivers up to 4 x 1800 watts into 4 or 2.7 ohms.
  • The ▸LA4X delivers up to 4 x 1000 watts into 4 ohms.
  • Ecological SMPS power supply with PFC.
  • An AES/EBU input card is integrated into the LA8 to transmit digital audio signals.
  • Output connectors are SpeakON® for the LA4 and CA-COM®/SpeakON® for the LA8.
  • Dimensions LA8: 483 x 88 x 420 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight LA8: 12.2 kg

L'Acoustics LA8 Digital power amplifier - Front and back side.
L'Acoustics LA8 Digital power amplifier - Front and back side.

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