Lindy 4x4 HDMI 4K30 Splitter

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Lindy 4x4 HDMI 4K30 Splitter

Switch between four 4K UHD input sources and four 4K UHD displays.
The Lindy 4x4 HDMI 4K30 Matrix is an efficient solution for distributing 4K content from up to 4 HDMI source devices, including PCs and media players, to 4 displays. With resolutions of up to 4K@30Hz, content can be viewed in excellent quality - ideal for retail digital signage, educational information displays or engaging conferencing. There are two simple ways to control the matrix: either via the push buttons on the device or via infrared. Installation in an AV rack is safe and uncomplicated.


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  • For connecting up to four 4K source devices to four 4K displays or projectors in any combination.
  • Supports video resolutions up to 4K@60Hz 4:2:0 8bit.
  • Offers flexible control options via push buttons, an IR remote control and a WebGUI.
  • Intelligent EDID management ensures optimal video performance.

Small, slim rectangular metal housing and light gray remote control for Lindy 4x4 HDMI 4K30 Matrix.

Key features:


  • AV interface: HDMI
  • Interface standard: HDMI 1.4
  • Supported bandwidth: 10.2 Gbit/s
  • Maximum resolution: 4096x2160@30Hz 4:4:4 8Bit
  • HDCP support: 1.4
  • Audio: Audio Pass Through
  • IR support: 30-60kHz
  • Control: IR, button
  • Special features: EDID Management


- Inputs: 4 x HDMI (socket)
- Outputs: 4 x HDMI (socket)
- Control: RS232 (socket), -3.5mm (socket)
- Power supply / power adapter: 5.5/2.1mm

Physical characteristics:

- Case dimensions HxWxD: 220x105x19mm (8.66x4.13x0.75in)
- Net weight device/s: 0.535kg (1.18lb)
- Operating temperature: 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F)
- Storage temperature: -20°C - 60°C (-4°F - 140°F)
- Humidity: 20 - 90% RH (non-condensing)
- Power consumption: 12VDC 2.5A

Small, narrow rectangular metal housing. Front and rear of the Lindy 4x4 HDMI 4K30 matrix.

Categories: Video Services,IT and periphery
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