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LITEC TX40TP head- bottom plate

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LITEC TX40TP head- bottom plate

The choice between 2 different connection systems is more significant than it might seem at first glance. The Quick-fit system is undoubtedly the hit and is mainly used where truss systems are frequently assembled and disassembled.


Benefit from special offers and favourable prices for the rental of event equipment.


Key features:

  • 3-point truss system with a tubular frame/leg dimension of 40 cm.
  • Base plate for TX40 (Can be used for both connector systems).
  • TXFC: quick-fit kit (cone connector system).
  • TXSM10: bolt connection kit.
  • Dimensions: WxD 400x400 mm.
  • Attention! For each truss ordered, you must order the connection system you require separately.
Category: Rigging
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