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Pixel Brick floor spotlight by Astera

The PixelBrick from Astera can not only be used as a battery-operated floor spotlight or PAR spotlight with five different beam angles, but several PixelBricks can also be combined to form different clusters and shapes. With an edge length of only 10 cm and a weight of approx. 1 kg, the PixelBrick is small and light, but still provides powerful, high-quality light that meets the highest demands of the film, TV and event industry.


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Back of the Pixel Brick floor spotlight.
PB15 PixelBrick multifunctional spotlight.



Key features:

  • Arrange PixelBricks into geometric shapes or build a matrix with the many available connectors. Adding BrickDomes transforms the bar look into a pixel look.

  • PixelBrick is an uplighter that makes any wall or object shine in stunning colors and shades of white. Its native 13° light beam can be modified with various filters.

  • Emergency lighting:
    This innovative feature allows the luminaires to be used as battery-powered emergency lighting. When activated, the luminaire detects a power failure and immediately switches to bright white light to illuminate the venue.

The Pixel Brick floor spotlight is combined in a cluster of 9 spotlights.
Pixel Brick - battery-powered floor spotlight, PAR spotlight - Gallery.

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