Robe LED spotlights ESPRITE®

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Robe LED spotlights ESPRITE®

Robe, known for its technological leadership in moving light sources, has developed another revolutionary innovation. The ESPRITE® intelligent LED floodlight features a quick-change LED white light source, providing a solution to the biggest problem with white LED light sources: the uncontrollable changes in color temperature and brightness during their service life. The Robe ESPRITE® is the ideal replacement for outdated 1000 W and 1200 W discharge lamp floodlights. With an impressive light output of up to 34,000 lumens, the ESPRITE® produces a powerful 85,000 lux at 5 meters. Precise optics, for which Robe is renowned, also ensure crystal clear and white light.

The extensive functionality includes: Extremely homogeneous CMY color mixing, variable CTO, two fast color wheels, an indexable and rotatable gobo wheel, a static gobo wheel with CRI 80 and 90 filters (HP Engine), a 6-fold rotatable prism, a light 1° soft focus and a 5° wash frost filter, an animation wheel and spectacular multicolor effects.

The ESPRITE®'s patented diaphragm slider module enables simple, fast and precise framing thanks to individual control of each slider and a +/-60° rotation function of the entire module. In addition, the ESPRITE® avoids any airflow over the optics when cooling the LED engine.

Cpulse™ enables flicker-free operation with the latest camera technology. Thanks to L3™ Low Light Linearity dimming, perfect dimming is possible, which guarantees seamless integration with conventional spotlights.

Light source:

  • Light source type: TE™ 650W HP white light LED
    -engine (patented)
  • HP (High Performance) Engine for maximum light
    light output and optimum color properties.
  • Light output of the engine in lumens: 55,000 lm
    Light output in lumens:
    34,000 lm (in the integrating sphere)
    27,000 lm (on the projection surface
  • Color temperature output: 6,700K
  • CRI: 70, remote-controlled retractable filters for
    CRI 80 and CRI 90
  • Illuminance in lux: 85,000 lx @ 5 m

Type of light source:

  • TE™ 650W HCF white light LED engine (patented)
  • HCF (High Color Fidelity) engine for best light quality and color rendering.
  • Light output of the engine in lumens: 37,500 lm
  • Light output in lumens:
    24,000 lm (in the integrating sphere)
    19,000 lm (on the projection surface/gonio-
  • Color temperature output: 6,000K
  • CRI: 96, TLCI: 97, TM-30-18 Rf: 92,
    TM-30-18 Rg: 99
  • Illuminance in lux: 59,000 lx @ 5 m

Optical system:

• Robe's proprietary optical design

• Highly efficient optical zoom system consisting of 13 lenses, 9:1 ratio
• Zoom range: 5.5° - 50°
• Diameter of the exit lens: 150 mm

Dynamic effects and features

• Cyan: 0 - 100%

• Magenta: 0 - 100%
• Yellow: 0 - 100%

2x Robe ESPRITE® Moving Light with stand and black housing. Front view and upright orientation.
Robe ESPRITE® Moving Light with stand.

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