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Teltonica LTE Bridge dual

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Mobile redundant 4G antenna

A state-of-the-art outdoor package for streaming and similar applications. High-speed infrastructure - low-latency conference audio and video streaming. In addition to our own hardware, we have relied on Ubiquiti technology from the very beginning and are now the largest rental company in Germany with over 100 access points.
Our experience covers event sizes from 20 people and a single access point to covering 30,000 square meters of office space with over 100 access points of the large Unifi UAP-AC-SHD series in a 10 Gigabit network. Controller-based network management is always used. This means that our networks are scalable and individually tailored to each application.

Whether in the exhibition hall or far away from the action, we bring your customers and participants online.

Event Rental Services. Professional sound & lighting and AV solutions for media productions.

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