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Traverse Litec FX30

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Traverse Litec FX30

Arches, rings and ellipses are available on request. As an option, the Traverse-Litec FX30 can be extended as required.


Event Rental Services. Professional sound & lighting and AV solutions for media productions.

Silver-colored Traverse-Litec FX30.


Key features:

  • Traversensystem: Litec
  • Traversenseitenlänge: 30cm
  • Traversenform: 2-Punkt
  • Traversentyp: gerade
  • Traversenlänge 3,0m
  • Gurtrohr: fließgepresstes Aluminium 50x1,5 mm (AIM gSIO.7 f28)
  • Streben: fließgepresstes Aluminium 14x1,5 mm (AIM gSIO.7 f28)
  • Endplatte: Aluminium Druckguss SG AlSi 1
  • Schweissgut: SiAlmg5 im WIG-Verfahren (UNI 8634)

Categories: Trade fair,Rigging
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