Traverse circle - Litec QX30SA

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Traverse circle - Litec QX30SA

The Litec QX30SA C1200A12 system is a 4-point truss system that connects together with four connectors, bolts and locking pins. The quick connector has the advantage that it connects force-fit with the harness tube and allows a speedy assembly with frequent set-up and dismantling.
Optionally, the Litec QX30SA C1200A12 system can be expanded as desired.


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Key features:

  • Circle: D=12.0m, 12 sections.
  • 4-point truss system with a tube spine/leg dimension of 29cm.
  • Chord tube: extruded aluminum 50x1.5 mm (AlMgSi0.7 f28).
  • Struts: extruded aluminum 14x1.5 mm (AlMgSi0.7 f28).
  • End plate: die-cast aluminum SG AlSi 1.
  • Welding material: SiAlmg5 by TIG process (UNI 8634).
  • QXFC: quick-fit kit (cone connection system).
  • QXSM10: bolt connection kit.

Litec traverse circle - section and entire circle.
Litec traverse circle - section and entire circle.

Category: Rigging
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