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Traverse LITEC QX30SA

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Traverse LITEC QX30SA

The popular end plate system of the LITEC TRAVERSE QX30SA presents itself in a modified design. A new aluminum alloy is used as the material, which is even stronger thanks to heat treatment and simply looks great with its high-gloss look.
The diagonal brace has been redesigned and adjusted in diameter to improve the aesthetic appearance of the truss and increase its overall load capacity. The new "S" series trusses use the same principle of double connection with screws or quick connection kits as the previous series to ensure full combinability of both series.

Key features:

  • 4-point truss system with a tubular frame/leg measurement of 29cm.
  • Belt tube: extruded aluminum 50x2 mm (AIM gSIO.7 f28).
  • Struts: extruded aluminum 18x2 mm (AIM gSIO.7 f28).
  • End plate: Die-cast aluminum SG AlSi 1.
  • Welding material: SiAlmg5 in TIG process (UNI 8634).
  • QXFC: quick-fit kit (cone connector system).
  • QXSM10: bolt connection kit (Screw connector system).
  • Dimensions: 29x29x350 cm


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Category: Rigging
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