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UniFi Cloud Key

The second generation UniFi Cloud Key is a compact hardware controller with pre-installed UniFi software. It is used to add, provision, configure, monitor and manage all UniFi devices in one or hundreds of private networks centrally from one control panel. With its eight-core processor, it is extremely powerful despite its compact size and ideal for UniFi WLAN systems.
The UniFi Cloud Key Gen 2 provides you with a high-quality and energy-saving server solution for use in private households, small / large companies, hotels, restaurants and event rooms to control and manage your UniFi network. Various features are available for use in a commercial environment, enabling the creation of large WLAN networks. In addition to the creation of so-called vouchers, which enable time-limited access to the Internet, security-relevant functions such as "Walled Garden", guest network, VLAN or detailed analysis tools are also included.
The UniFi Cloud-Key Gen2 can manage a large number of UniFi APs/devices. This makes the UCK-G2 a replacement for a dedicated server/PC with significant energy savings due to its low power consumption.
Ubiquiti's hybrid cloud technology enables a secure and private single sign-on (SSO) solution to control your UniFi networks from anywhere in the world. You can centrally manage, grow, shrink or monitor your UniFi networks from one interface. The UniFi Cloud is accessible via any standard web browser.


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