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AX3 - Battery-operated LED puck

The AX3 is a compact and easy-to-use spotlight. It has IP65 RGBW lighting and is battery-operated. It is suitable as an uplight as well as a hanging or standing spotlight and can be used in translucent objects and trusses. Despite its compact size, it offers high brightness as well as a long battery life and range.

One of the most popular features of the AX3 is its magnetic underside, which allows it to be attached to metal surfaces.


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AX3 LightDrop - Battery-operated LED puck with attached diffuser dome.



Key features:

  • Filters for different beam angles (floodlight, elliptical etc.) can easily be added.

  • Create wide, soft lighting or add a 120° filter to achieve an even light distribution.

  • A Bluetooth Bridge (=BTB) is required to control the Astera lamps via the Astera app. This consists of "Bluetooth" for the connection to the app and "Bridge" for transmitting commands to other Astera lamps. The Astera lamp connects to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth and uses an ultra-high frequency band to connect and communicate with all lamps within a radius of 300 meters.

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