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Astera AX7 PAR spotlight

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Astera AX7 PAR spotlights for event lighting

The Astera AX7 is a PAR spotlight for event lighting with wireless DMX and an IP65 housing.
The bracket has bolts and C-clamps for attachment to trusses and stages. The foldable legs become a handle for easy transportation.
To ensure that your lamp's batteries last throughout the production, you can select how many hours you want them to run. This limits the light output to a level where you get the maximum brightness to achieve the selected a span.

All Astera spotlights contain a wireless DMX module from LumenRadio, which allows them to be controlled by CRMX and W-DMX transmitters together with other wireless spotlights. The » AsteraBox has a built-in CRMX module and can be used to transmit DMX data to your spotlights..

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Front of a castle illuminated in color with Astera uplights.
Castle lighting with Astera uplights.

Key features:

  • The PWM frequency of the LEDs can be set via the AsteraApp to ensure that there is no interference with standard cameras. In addition, the lamp has a green/magenta correction to minimize work in post-production.

    Emergency lighting
    With this innovative feature, the AX7 can also be used as a battery-powered emergency light. When activated, the lamp detects a power failure and immediately switches to bright white light to illuminate the venue.

  • Create programs of colors and effects in no time at all, trigger them or tune them to a beat.

Black Astera AX7 SpotLite PAR spotlight with 4 lamps for event lighting on the truss.
Astera AX7 SpotLite PAR spotlight for event lighting.

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