JB-Lighting Licon 1X DMX Controller

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JB-Lighting Licon 1X DMX Controller

1024 total DMX channels, 32 moving heads with 25 channels per unit and 32 buttons for moving light/PAR direct selection.
The JB-Lighting Licon 1X allows maximum ease of use for 32 moving heads and 96 channels of conventional lighting. The design allows for a wide range of applications without compromising operability. With the help of the effect generators, for example, lightshows can be implemented within a very short time.
The Licon 1X has, among other things, a touch screen, storage via USB stick and a DMX-In function.

Benefit from special offers and favourable prices for the rental of event equipment.

Key features:

  • 1024 DMX channels in total.
  • 32 moving lights with a maximum of 25 channels per unit (+7 fixed channels).
  • 32 keys for moving light/PAR direct selection.
  • 18 keys for feature direct selection.
  • Touch screen with graphical LCD display, soft keys and encoders.
  • Pan/tilt control by encoder; PC trackball or PC mouse (optional).
  • All Pan/Tilt channels 16bit or 8bit.
  • 24 keys for selecting cues, thus 200 cues can be called up directly.
  • 8 keys to select Chases, giving access to 96 Chases in total.
  • 8 keys for selecting sequences, thereby accessing
    to 32 sequences in total.
  • 32 Chases can work simultaneously.
  • Selective storage of all data.
  • Chase control section for quick change of chase parameters.
  • Effect generators for quick programming.

  • Preprogrammed movement patterns.
  • 8 faders (4-way switchable) for direct access to PAR cues.
  • 4 faders (4-way switchable) for direct access to PAR chases or PAR cues.
  • 8 faders (4-way switchable) for selective brightness control of moving light groups.
  • 3 Masterfader.
  • Crossfade cues time-controlled or manually.
  • Sequence control time-controlled or manual.
  • Externally synchronizable by: MIDI, SMPTE, Music, DMX.
  • DMX-In for looping in a DMX console.
  • Integrated CD-ROM drive for time code programming.
  • 3.5 floppy disk drive for selective data storage.
  • Graphical timeline editor.
  • 4 AUX controls for direct access to DMX channels.
  • Dimensions: W x L x H (mm): 700 x 700 x 200.

JB Lighting Licon 1X - Gallery.
JB Lighting Licon 1X DMX Controller.

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