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Q-7 Stroboscope floodlight

The Q-7 sets new standards in terms of performance, precision and flexibility in the lighting industry. It is regarded as one of the most versatile strobe floodlights in the industry, which not only impresses with its breathtaking brightness, but can also be used as a flat floodlight and wide-angle spotlight. The Q-7 is the preferred choice of some of the best lighting designers for touring, events, theater productions, architectural installations or corporate shows due to its excellent performance in all conditions. The revolutionary product features of the Q-7 were recognized with the prestigious PIPA Award for Best Lighting Product of the Year 2015.

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LED technology:
The Q-7 is equipped with 2,000 powerful SMD RGBW LEDs that provide powerful
and seamless wide-angle projection and create a fast feedback strobe effect. It is
not only a powerful floodlight/blinder/strobe for color changing illumination, but also
a precise and dynamic white light with a color temperature of 2000K - 10000K.

Long range with optional accessories:
With a beam angle of 110°, the Q-7 not only creates a remarkable strobe effect on large stages, but also a wide and rich light field for shorter distances. It was developed for the illumination of facades, theater backdrops and cycloramas. The light is projected symmetrically and evenly. With optional accessories such as 4-way and 8-way barndoors and filter frames, it offers extended control and customization options.

Performance at a distance:
The Q-7 performs impressively in any application. It is robust and reliable and responds optimally at distances between 1 and 5 meters. As a floodlight over surfaces, the Q-7 offers a bright beam pattern both horizontally and vertically.

Dimming and color mixing:
A major requirement of the lighting industry is a strobe/floodlight with good dimming and calibrated color mixing. The Q-7 offers exactly this and enables extremely high quality in deep saturations as well as in the reproduction of warm pastel tones and subtle cold hues. High light output and detailed hues are enhanced by superior color mixing for perfectly smooth color transitions.

This powerful floodlight/flashlight/flashlight delivers more than 25163 tested lumens as maximum light output. However, one of the big advantages of the Q-7 is its impressive brightness in colors. It emits 3193 lumens in red, 6948 lumens in green and 1256 lumens in blue, which is a staggering amount of light for just 450W.

Continuous output and LED frequency control:
The Q-7 is designed as both a strobe light and a continuous light and is perfect for long-term surface lighting where consistent light output is required. When using the Q-7, the brightness does not decrease over time. Another notable feature of the Q-7 is its flicker-free performance and the ability to adjust the frequency of the LEDs to match the shutter settings of cameras.

Rear of the RGBW LED floodlight from SGM with swivel base and connection options.

Optical data

Light source 2,000 x RGBW SMD LEDs (5,700K)
Native lens options 110°
Extra medium soft diffusion.
Extra wide-angle soft diffusion.
Elliptical horizontal effect
Elliptical vertical effect

Photometric data
Average CRI (CTC) 84
Color temperature range 2000K - 10000K
Luminous efficacy 53 lm/W
Light output all LEDs on 25163 lm
Light output blue 1256 lm
Light output green 6948 lm
Light output red 3193 lm
Lumen per kilogram 3107 lm / kg
Lux @ 10m 95 lux
Lux @ 3m 1051 lux
Lux @ 5 m 378 lux
Native beam angle 110° (with 110° lens)
Native beam angle 146°


Color options Black - RAL 9004
Custom color - Any RAL
White - RAL 9010
Effective projection area 1.72 square feet
IP65 rating
Lens material Tempered glass front
Aluminum material
Net dimensions L x H x W 497 x 268 x 122 mm
Net dimensions L x H x W (inches) 19.6 x 10.6 x 4.8 inches
Net weight 8.1 kg (17.9 lbs)

Color calibration SGM proprietary full color calibration
Dimming 2 Stepless dimming, DMX controllable
Curves: gamma-corrected and linear
Filter Optional external diffusion angle filter
(accessory bracket required)

Category: Lighting Rentals
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