AKG C 391 B Kondensator-Mikrofon

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AKG C 391 B Kondensator-Mikrofon

The high-performance C391 B small-diaphragm condenser microphone is a combination of the Blue Line CK91 series and the SE300 preamplifier. The microphone features a cardioid characteristic, low self-noise level, and good transient response for a clean and brilliant sound. It also offers the ability to quickly exchange the capsule for another Blue Line capsule to meet demanding transmission applications.
The C391 B offers switchable, stepped bass switching/attenuation with three positions: flat, 75 Hz and 10 dB attenuation.


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  • Cardioid characteristic (CK-91 capsule).
  • incl. SE300B feed unit with switchable HP (75 Hz).
  • Level attenuation (-10 dB).
  • Polar pattern: cardioid
  • Frequency response: 20-20.000 Hz
  • Corresponding noise level: 17 dB-A
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 77 dB-A
  • Recommended load impedance: 1,000 ohms
  • Height: 146 mm
  • Diameter: 19 mm

AKG C 391 B Condenser Microphone - Two Views.
AKG C 391 B Condenser microphone - Two views.

Category: Sound System Rentals
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