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L'Acoustics 8XT / Fullrange-Speaker

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L'Acoustics 8XT / Fullrange-Speaker

Since 1984, L-Acoustics has revolutionized the audio industry with its line source sound systems and has earned a reputation for developing innovative sound reinforcement solutions that meet the most demanding requirements. L-Acoustics is committed to developing pioneering, high-performance loudspeaker systems for predictable and consistent sound reinforcement results, designed as complete systems that meet a global standard..


Event Rental Services. Professional sound & lighting and AV solutions for media productions.

L-Acoustics 8XT multifunctional loudspeakers

L-Acoustics Logo in goldfarben. Key features

  • Full range, fill/delay, monitoring.
  • 1 x 8 inch, 1 x 1.5 inch, weatherproof 100° symmetrical.
  • 127 db @ 65 Hz - 20 kHz.
  • up to 8 pieces per LA4X on 4 channels.
  • ETR8-2 flying frame.

Category: Sound System Rentals
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