Palmer PPB 10 Press splash - Audio distributor

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Palmer PPB 10 Press splash - Audio distributor

The Palmer PPB 10 Press Splitter is a galvanically isolated audio splitter e.g. for press or for multiple recording devices. All inputs and outputs are balanced and transformer isolated (galvanically isolated). At the headphone connection for acoustic monitoring of the input, the headphone volume is adjustable.
High operational safety: In case of a short circuit of one output, the other outputs remain unaffected. Arbitrarily expandable through Bus In/Out connections - For cascading several PPB10s.


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Key features:

  • 1x XLR/f line in and 10x XLR/m out.
  • GND lift switch per input and output.
  • Adjustable input level with LED chain.
  • Adjustable headphone output.
  • Line bus input and output for cascading multiple units.
  • Construction: 19", 1 U
  • Input level Max: 20 dB
  • Controls: Ground Lift, Input Gain, Phones Level and Power.
  • Weight: 4.18 kg

Palmer PPB 10 Audio Splitter. Front and Backside and Technical Drawing for explanation of use.
Palmer PPB 10 Audiosplitter. Front and Backside and technical drawing.

Category: Sound System Rentals
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