3D Content and Visualizations

3D Visualizations

Hybrid events and 3D vir­tu­al worlds, even before build­ing a real set.

Those who understand Blender hold the key to great ideas, to inexhaustible possibilities.

Blender logo in front of rendered arena.

Advantages through state-of-the-art 3D design with Blender.

Blender’s main appeal is the fact that you can mod­el your work down to the small­est detail. Pro­fes­sion­al and expe­ri­enced users can cre­ate true-to-life char­ac­ters that could be straight out of a Pixar ani­mat­ed movie.
Match­ing: Black­mag­ic Design.

Blender is an extreme­ly ver­sa­tile appli­ca­tion. We can use it to cre­ate almost any 3D object and entire dynam­ic fig­ures, as well as cre­ate short and, if nec­es­sary, longer ani­ma­tion phas­es. The vir­tu­al 3D design can also be used to visu­al­ize events in advance.

With a mod­ern livestream pro­duc­tion, you can skill­ful­ly inspire your cus­tomers. Puz­zlepie offers you the great exper­tise for this. Our tool of choice is the Unre­al Engine as the core for visu­al­iza­tions of con­tent of this kind. A tech­nique that will lead your entire project to success.

JCN communication pedestal placed in landscape format on the front side of a conference table.

Accelerated planning

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Plan­ning can be car­ried out more effi­cient­ly and faster, as every­thing is direct­ly visu­al­ly apparent.

Nearly photorealistic rendering

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With near pho­to-real­is­tic ren­der­ing, we can meet your qual­i­ty and res­o­lu­tion requirements.

Staff for all trades

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We can staff all aspects of a live pro­duc­tion with com­pe­tent per­son­nel. Our net­work spans numer­ous free­lancers vet­ted by us.

Unreal-Engine, 3D corporate content and video streaming.
Event technology from Lusaka for Zambia.