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Sachtler Vario Pedestal 2-75

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Sachtler Vario Pedestal 2-75

The equipment of the Vario Ped 2-75 is optimally tailored to the needs of the studio and OB everyday. The Crab & Steer functionality makes the pedal flexible, easy to use, soft and the precise "on-air" runs naturally. For easy transport, the stand can be disassembled into dolly, column and handwheel and the Quickfix connector allows quick fluid head mounting.

Benefit from special offers and favourable prices for the rental of event equipment.

Key features:
Weight: 55 kg
Payload: 0 - 75 kg
Height range: 66 - 143 cm
Head mount: Flat base with quick release fastener.
On-shot stroke: 77 cm
Distance: 69 - 92 cm

Sachtler Vario Pedestal 2-75. detail magnification.
Sachtler Vario Pedestal 2-75. detail magnification.

Category: Camera technique
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