ALLEN & HEATH QU24 - Mixing console

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ALLEN & HEATH QU24 - Mixing console

The QU24-Mixer builds on the legacy of the GLD and iLive digital consoles, delivering exceptional performance and an intuitive analog user interface with per-channel motorized controls, knobs and a touchscreen, full access to all parameters, complete input, output and FX processing, USB streaming and hard drive multitrack recording, digital snake function and remote control via an iPad.

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Key features:

  • 24 mono inputs via XLR or jack with AnalogIQ preamps.
  • 3 stereo inputs via jack.
  • 4 stereo FX returns.
  • 16 busses
  • 12 Mix Outputs: LR, Mono Mix 1-4, Stereo Mix 1-3.
  • AES digital output.
  • 4 FX Engines with iLive FX Library.
  • 4 mute groups.
  • With motorized faders.
  • Trim, polarity, low cut, gate, insert, 4-band parametric EQ, compressor and delay in all inputs.

  • Insert, 4-band parametric EQ, graphic EQ, compressor and delay for Main LR and Mono Mix outputs.
  • Qu-Drive: Multitrack recording / playback directly to USB stick or hard disk.
  • Touch screen, 800 x 480 pixels.
  • Built-in signal generator.
  • dSNAKE remote audio port.
  • USB audio streaming.
  • Compatible with ME Personal Mixing System.
  • Qu-Pad iPad app.
  • DAW MIDI Control.
  • Dimensions: 632 x 471 x 171 mm.
  • Weight: 14 kg.

Mixing console ALLEN & HEATH QU24 - backside with connectors.
Mixing console ALLEN & HEATH QU24 - backside with connectors.

Category: Sound System Rentals
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