ETC Source Four Zoom 15-30 degrees

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ETC Source Four Zoom 15-30 degrees

The ETC Source Four Zoom profile spotlight combines the energy-saving performance of the patented HPL lamp with a dichroic reflective element and optical lens quality for a literal cool beam.
It is one of the most popular and also legendary zoom profile spotlights and is sure to be seen on almost every stage worldwide.


Benefit from special offers and favourable prices for the rental of event equipment.


Key features:

  • Beam angle: 15°-30°.
  • With cold light reflector optics.
  • For 750 W HPL light source.
  • Weight: 8,6 kg.
  • Color: black
  • Incl. filter frame.


  • Width: 290 mm
  • Hight: 300 mm
  • Depth: 740 mm

ETC Source Four Zoom 15-30 degrees - Backside.
ETC Source Four Zoom 15°-30° - Backside.

Category: Lighting Rentals
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