EUROLITE LED FE-1000 Flowereffekt

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EUROLITE LED FE-1000 Flowereffekt

The EUROLITE LED FE-1000 is an RGBW flower effect with six lenses. The radiation is redirected via three reflectors located in the housing. The effect is particularly effective in combination with fog.
The EUROLITE LED FE-1000 flower effect is controlled via DMX with 3 channels. A use via automatic mode, music control or as a master/slave is of course also easily feasible.

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Key features:

- Width: 174 mm
- Height : 310 mm
- Depth : 309 mm

IP-Protection class: IP65

  -DMX 3-Pol in/out
 - Cold device cable in

Weight: 3,6 kg


Light source:
 - 4x 10W RGBW LEDs

Operating modes:

- DMX (3 channels)
- Automatic
- Automatic
- Sound to Light
- Color presets
- Master slave mode

Category: Lighting Rentals
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