Eurolite SB-1100 Three-phase distributor 32A

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Eurolite SB-1100 Three-phase distributor 32A

Particularly suitable for the construction of large power distributions. Only 3 U are needed for rack installation. 32 A three-phase input via 1.5 meter long connection cable 5 x 6 mm² and plug. Output via rear device mounting socket with RCD protection. Indicator lights for the presence of each phase. Each pair of sockets is protected with its own 16 A automatic circuit breaker. With grounding screw to be able to ground an installation if necessary.

Voltage supply: 380-400V AC, 50Hz
Power supply connection: Fixed CEE 32A 5-pin (M)
Power output: 1 x CEE 32A 5-pin (W) built-in version bypass.
6 x earthing contact (W), hinged ceiling installation version fused.
2 x CEE 16A 5-pin (W) built-in version fused.
Fuse protection: 1 x residual current circuit breaker (FI) 40A/0,03A 4-pole
2 x circuit breaker C 16A 3-pole
3 x circuit breaker C 16A 1-pole
Case design: (19") 48.3 cm rack mount 3 U
Dimensions: Width: 48.3 cm
Depth: 29.5 cm
Height: 13.35 cm
Weight: 6,05 kg

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Category: Electricity
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