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Prolights Gallery Eclipse LED profile spotlight

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Prolights Gallery Eclipse LED profile spotlight

The innovative zoom profile spotlight from Prolights for Erco and Eutrac tracks. Optical system from the stage world with elegant housing design for museums, exhibitions, trade fairs and events.

35W zoomable LED ellipsoid with static white LED source and framing shutter.

EclGallery Profile is a compact ellipsoidal LED luminaire with a white LED engine that is characterized by an exceptionally high colour rendering index. The EclGalleryProfile LED luminaire has integrated electronics and a power supply unit so that the luminaire can be used on track with a track adapter and is easy to operate via radio control. EclGalleryProfile offers maximum flexibility for specific requirements such as advertising, event venues, art galleries and churches.

Benefit from our attractive prices and customised offers for event technology.

Black profile spotlight from Prolights with yellow lens and suspension device for the ceiling track.

White profile spotlight from Prolights with light blue lens and suspension device for the ceiling track.


  • Source: 35W white high-power LED

  • CCT: (TU) 3,200 K - (NW) 4,000 K - (DY) 5,000

  • Luminous flux: (16°) (TU) 1,887 lm; (NW) 1,947 lm; (DY) 2,095lm at full output
    Luminous flux: (36°) (TU) 2,150 lm; (NW) 2,236 lm; (DY) 2,425 lm at full output

  • Lux: (16°) (TU) 1'209 lx; (NW) 1'324 lx;
    (DY) 1'782lx @5 m full

  • Lux: (36°) (TU) 371 lx; (NW) 367 lx;
    (DY) 455lx @5 m full CRI: (TU)
    >90 - (NW) > 89 - (DY) >80


  • Zoom: 16° - 36° manual

  • Lens type: high-quality glass lens optics

  • Focus: manual

  • Other: Gobo holder as accessory for images and texture projection.


  • Gobo size: E, outer: 37.3 mm - image: 26 mm - thickness: 1.1 mm

  • Manual mode: manual adjustment of dimmer and strobe.

  • Auto mode: integrated programs with adjustment of execution speed.


Protocols: W-DMX
DMX channels: 1 / 3channel
Display: Graphical user interface


Mains power supply: 100-240V - 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption: 42W
Power factor: > 0.97


IP protection: 30
Cooling: passive cooling and fanless.
Data connection: W-DMX
Power connection: 1.5 meter 3G0.75 bare end connection.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 196x293x378mm / 7.72''x11.54''x14.88''
Weight: 2.5kg / 5.51lbs

Category: Lighting Rentals
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