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UltraLITE mirror balls

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Safety mirror ball with second loop:

The Ultralite mirror ball in professional quality with a diameter of one meter and also 50 cm is suitable for large clubs and events. The dimensionally stable plastic core with continuous axle and high mechanical load capacity is covered with many small mirror facets. Two eyelets make it easy to hook in the fastening chain and attach a fall protection device.


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Silver mirror ball with a diameter of 50 cm can be suspended from two eyelets.
EUROLITE mirror ball 50cm. Safety mirror ball with second eyelet.


Key features:

  • Mirror ball with stable fiberglass core
  • High stability thanks to continuous axis
  • Seamless bonding
  • Real glass facets
  • Additional safety eyelet for safety chain
  • For areas of application such as clubs/dance schools.

Category: Lighting Rentals
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