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Ultralite Motor Controller

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Ultralite motor controller 4-channel


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Mains cable: CEE16A/400V 5-pin attachment plug for 4-way

- for 3-phase three-phase motors up to 1.0 KW
- Rotary field detection left/right field with red/green lights
- Visual display of the 3 phases of the mains supply
- Motor protection switch with rotary switch per channel. Trigger current
- Electrically interlocked reversing contactors
- Separate contactors for "emergency stop" and "travel"
- Tamper-proof emergency stop button
- Device output via 16-pin standard multi-pin plug
- Changeover switch for individual direction of rotation adjustment per motor on the rear of the device.

- Integrated protective circuits: (immediate shutdown)
- Failure of a mains phase
- Triggering of any motor protection switch
- Actuation of the emergency stop button
- Link operation:
- Coupling of up to 4 motor controls possible via LINK cable.
- Important functions such as emergency stop or start button are then
- Manual control in standard industrial housing
- Yellow signal color
- Integrated emergency stop button
- Suspension device as standard
- Motor preselection switch with 3 switching positions UP / 0 / DOWN
- Start button and "Ready for operation" (OK) indicator
- 15 m cable with robust multi-pin plug.
- 15 m Kabel mit robustem Mehrpolstecker.

Ultralite motor controller front view with control displays.

Category: Rigging
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