ChainMaster D8+ 320/24 motor chain hoist

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ChainMaster D8+ 320/24 motor chain hoist

More safe and flexible handling and time saving when rigging demanding loads characterize the D8Plus electric chain hoists. By upgrading the D8 electric chain hoists with a second brake and the C1 safety factors, an electric chain hoist is now available where the loads no longer need to be separately secured.


Benefit from special offers and favourable prices for the rental of event equipment.

Key features:

  • Direct or contactor control.
  • Lightweight and small design.
  • Exact chain guide.
  • 2 DC brakes.
  • Suspension: Eye / motor hook / load measuring eye.
  • Patented slip clutch as overload protection.
  • Load capacity: 320kg
  • Speed: 4m/min
  • Weight without chain: 21kg

ChainMaster D8+ motorized chain hoist 320kg - two views.
ChainMaster D8+ motor chain hoist 320kg .

Category: Rigging
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