Prolights EclPanel TWC

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Prolights EclPanel TWC

Adjustable white and color LED softlight with pixels and light effects.
EclPanel TWC is a compact 2x1-LED-Softlight that provides a beautiful, wide source with soft and precise colors. In addition, PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC has a wide range of white reproductions, from daylight to tungsten tones, achieving excellent light quality with high CRI, TLCI and TM-30. EclPanel TWC allows quick and accurate local adjustment of light via 3 knobs with three fully featured modes: CCT with +/- green shift, HSI for full control of hue, saturation and intensity, FX mode for access to built-in pixel cinema effects.
The unit can also be controlled section by section, allowing you to reproduce customizable effects on board or create your own via the lighting console. Both methods offer an attractive and modern front design and cinematic special effects. The EclPanel TWC comes with an onboard driver and built-in power supply, and its lightweight design offers easy rigging and cabling, making it the perfect lighting tool for any location.


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Key features:

  • Source: 740W RGB + warm white LEDs (powered by 430W)
  • Luminous flux: 34,236lm @4,000 K with MD filter.
  • Lux: @4000K, 517lx @5 m
  • CRI: 94,6 @3.200 K; 95,5 @5.600 K
  • R9: 97 @3.200 K; 92 @5.600 K
  • TLCI: 92 @5.600 K
  • TM30 Rf: 92 @3.200 K; 89,5 @5.600 K
  • TM30 Rg: 103 @3.200 K; 102,4 @5.600 K


  • Radiation angle: 102°
  • Field angle: 159°
  • Lens type: Medium density diffusion plate.

Color system:

  • Color control: XY, CCT, RGBW, Gel, HSI, Source emulation, color macros,
    CTO on colors.
  • Color mix: RGB + warm white.
  • CCT: CCT control range from 2,200K to 15,000K, + / - green correction, tungsten emulation.
  • White presets: 2,800K - 10,000K with 28 K resolution.
  • Color wheel: virtual color wheel with macros.

Dynamic effects:

  • Control resolution: 16-bit dimmer, colors.
  • Pixel patterns: pre-programmed pixel macros and cinema light effect patterns.
  • Special features: linear fade channel from any white to any color; virtual CTO on colors.


  • Protocols: DMX512, RDM, W-DMX, rotary knob.
  • Stand Alone: selectable mode by 3 knobs.
  • Pixel control: 8-section control.</li
  • Wireless control: integrated, CRMX + WDMX TRX.
  • RDM: RDM for remote monitoring and settings.
  • Display: Graphical user interface.


  • Dimmer: linear 0 ~ 100% electronic dimmer.
  • Dimmer curves: 4 selectable dimming modes available.
  • Stroboskop / Shutter: 1 - 30 Hz, electronically.
  • Operating temperature: -10° ~ +45°
  • LED control: flicker-free frequency with adjustable PWM.
  • Selectable PWM: 600 ~ 36,000 Hz.


  • Protection class: 20
  • Cooling: active, silent operation.
  • Suspension and mounting: Hanger for hanging and standing.
  • Signal connector: Amphenol XLR 5p IN/OUT connectors.
  • Power connection: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 IN/OUT connector
  • Low voltage DC connection: XLR 4p.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 819x431x144mm / 32.24''x16.97''x5.67''.
  • Weight: 15,3kg / 33.73lbs.

EclPanel TWC - application example.
EclPanel TWC - Example of use.

Category: Lighting Rentals
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