L'ACOUSTICS KARA - System Speaker

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L'ACOUSTICS KARA - System Speaker

The K-shaped KARA coplanar loudspeaker array produces a symmetrical horizontal dispersion pattern of 110° over the entire frequency range without side lobes. The combined coplanar symmetry and DOSC® waveguide ensure that the system can meet the 5 WST® criteria.
Each KARA-Line-Source can be tilted up to 10° per segment without losing acoustic coupling between elements. The 4-point rigging system allows up to 24 KARA elements to be mounted in an array.


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Key features:

  • Compact and lightweight line source element.
  • Minimal space requirements (visibility, architecture), ideal for weight constraints.
  • Optional woofer unit to extend frequency response or increase contour.
  • Clarity and precision in sound reinforcement situations with music and speech with high speech intelligibility.
  • 110° horizontal dispersion, optimal in central clusters, decentralized sound reinforcement applications and all types of fill applications.
  • Control with high-efficiency Class D controller power amplifiers ▸LA8.
  • Integrated rigging design for safe and fast setup.

L-Acoustics KARA. Modulares WST Line Source Element - Galery.
L'Acoustics KARA. Modulares WST Line Source Element - Gallery.

Category: Sound System Rentals
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