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Axxent Intercom MS 200 2-channel

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Axxent Intercom MS 200 2-channel main station

The MS-200 intercom main station offers high-quality voice transmission for two transmission channels. The integrated power supply unit supplies at least 14 Intercom components, such as beltpacks, signal lights, interfaces etc. With sufficient power supply via the standard microphone cable, the distance at which perfect voice and power transmission is possible is determined by the quality of the cable.

The alarm is triggered by a sound and light alarm via two channels. The basic function is the light alarm and the sound alarm via piezo buzzer can be activated as an option. There is a 4-pin XLR connector on the front for dynamic connections. Two headsets and a universal 3-pin XLR input for dynamic microphones and line level signals are available on the MS-200. The operator can choose to use both channels or individual channels (or groups).


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Black, low, rack-mountable intercom main station for 2 transmission channels from Axxent.

Key features:

• Input for headset/headset (4-pin XLR)
• Volume for headphones
• Background noise suppression from microphone
• 3-pos. intercom switch: off, continuous on, momentary
• MIC switch: on channel A or B, A + B together
• CALL: ringer on/off
• Pushbuttons for nurse call, separate for channels A + B
• MIC/line input (3-pin XLR)
• Input level control
• Line output with channel selector switch (e.g. recording)
• Line input with channel selector switch
• Outputs for portable or additional main stations

Black, low, rack-mountable intercom main station for 2 transmission channels from Axxent.
Axxent Intercom - MS 200 2-channel main station.

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