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Intercom Clearcom - Freespeak II

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Intercom Clearcom - Freespeak II

Freespeak II is a state-of-the-art, networkable wireless solution based on DECT technology and operating on multiple license-free frequency bands ranging from 1.897 to 1.933 GHz. Designed specifically for flexible communication in complex environments, the high-performance wireless intercom system features reliable and continuous wireless connections that cover a wide coverage area and provide crystal-clear digital sound. Seamless roaming makes FreeSpeak II the ideal choice for live events, broadcast applications, sports productions, theater installations as well as industrial, military and government applications.

As a stand-alone solution in a robust 1U system, up to 20 digital wireless beltpacks can be integrated. Alternatively, the FreeSpeak II beltpacks can be seamlessly integrated into the Clear-Com Eclipse HX matrix system as quasi-wireless microphone units, allowing up to 50 wireless users per integrated E-Que HX matrix card. This means that all the functions of the matrix are also available to the subscribers of the wireless beltpacks.


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Key features:

  • Base-to-beltpack frequency response: 100Hz - 7.1kHz
  • Number of beltpacks per base station: 25
  • Number of transceivers/antennas supported by the base: 10
  • Number of active transceiver ports: 2, one port can support up to 1
    FSII splitter or 1 FSII transceiver.
  • PC programming port: 2 LAN RJ45
  • Relay port: DB15, supports one relay assigned to the SA output.
  • Partyline A,B,C,D (respectively): XLR-3F, on/off termination switch, Clear-Com and RTS compatible.
  • Partyline Power On/Off: A/B, C/D paired
  • Partyline output voltage: 26 - 28VDC, 400mA per pair (A/B or C/D)
  • 4-wire/matrix connection: 4 RJ-45
  • Program input: XLR-3F, transformer isolated, line level input
  • Stage announce output: XLR-3M, transformer-isolated, line level output
  • Front panel headset: 4-pin plug and 5-pin socket as an option
  • Front panel displays: 4 OLEDs with rotary encoders and assignable softkeys

FreeSpeak II base station

Front panel
1. USB
2. headset connector
3. headset button
4. mode button
5. menu button
6. softkeys
7. displays
8. rotary encoder for control
9. stage announcement
10. remote microphone switch-off
11. all talk
12. status LEDs
13. main level encoder
14. program level encoder

Rear panel

1. IEC mains connection (110-230 VAC)
2. earthing screw
3. external power supply connection
4. fiber optic transceiver ports (SFP)*
5. copper transceiver connections (RJ45)
6. DECT SYNC connections (RJ45)
7. 2-wire connections A,B,C,D (XLR3M)
8. 4-wire connections, 1,2,3,4 (RJ45)
9. program input (XLR3M)
10. stage announcement output (XLR3M)
11. LAN1, LAN2, (Ethercon RJ45)
12. GPIO relay (DB15F)

Indicators on the front panel:

- Antenna status, beltpack status
- External power supply connection: 12VDC
- Base station
- Programming/editing:
- Push-to-enter rotary knob

Power supply
- Input: 100-240V AC, max. 1.4A
- Output: 12V DC, 60W, 5A
- Power consumption: 12V, 4A max, 48W max
1.75 x 19.0 x 10.2 inches (HxWxD)
(44 x 483 x 259 mm)
Weight: 2.5 kg (5.57 lbs)

4 technical components of the Clear-Com FreeSpeak II DECT-based wireless intercom system.
Clear-Com - FreeSpeak II DECT-based wireless intercom system.

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