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Bolero is a completely new type of wireless intercom system that offers an unprecedented level of scalability and reliability thanks to its flexible system structure and Riedel's exclusive ADR technology. With its high-clarity voice codec and unsurpassed reflection tolerance, Bolero ensures interference-free communication and impresses with a system capacity of up to 250 beltpacks and 100 antennas. Bolero also impresses with its intuitive operation and configuration as well as its versatility as a wireless beltpack, wireless keypanel and walkie talkie.

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Bolero Integrated harnesses the power and functionality of the Artist
ecosystem to provide an unrivaled level of connectivity.
Bolero Standalone Link has multiple plug & play features and is particularly suitable for smaller installations or mobile deployments.
Bolero Standalone 2110 (AES67) can be used to set up complex IP-based Bolero
networks without an Artist Matrix, because audio mixing and control
control functions are handled by the antennas.

The Bolero high-clarity speech codec improves speech intelligibility and optimizes the use of the RF spectrum. Compared to other DECT-based systems, Bolero can support twice as many beltpacks per antenna with the same audio bandwidth. An exclusive technology from Riedel, the so-called ADR technology, combines a unique receiver design with multiple diversity elements. This reduces the sensitivity to multipath RF reflections. As a result, Bolero can also be used in complex RF environments where other systems are severely restricted.

BELTPACK of the BOLERO WIRELESS INTERCOM in gray-blue housing and slanted display.


BOLERO Integrated

- Full Artist integration including SmartPanels and extensive I/O connectivity (SMPTE 2110-30/31 (AES67), AES3, MADI, Dante, 4-wire)
- Multiple fiber optic switch cascades for long distances.
- Signal distribution via AES67 IP network
- Setup via dedicated configuration software Director
- 500 conferences and unlimited point-to-point connections


BOLERO Standalone

- Daisy chain or redundant ring network
- Simple plug & play setup
- Redundant power supply for up to 5 antennas (EPS-1005 PSU)
- Up to 300m CAT5 cable between antennas
- External 4W and GPIO interface box (NSA-002A)
- Setup via integrated web browser
- 12 party lines and unlimited point-to-point connections
- 100 beltpacks, 100 antennas

5 technical components of the BOLERO WIRELESS INTERCOM.

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